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How to choose your kitchen’s colors

Every kitchen is like small piece of art, and for this reason selecting colors might sometimes prove a little
challenging. This is especially true for design works, where the chromatic combinations between surfaces,
blocks and elements are of crucial importance. Well aware of these aspects, Berloni decided to make colors
a distinctive mark in its production. In the three kitchen collections – Style, Tradition and Elegance –
cupboards, cabinets and countertops are designed to match harmonically with the surrounding
environment: from the floor details to the wall colors or table and chairs.

The several designs of the Style collection recall a typical Italian atmosphere, where emotions are
expressed through pastel chromatic shades. A very nice combination with such kind of kitchen would be a
hardwood floor, preferably of antique shades, so to keep it aligned with the kitchen ones.

Soft shades characterize also the five models of the Tradition collection, where particular attention was
given to history and to the past. The inspiration for the Florence kitchen design, for example, comes from
the old and well-organized kitchen of the past, at the same time aged and sumptuous. Being aged, such
kitchens would nicely match with marble elements chromatically light and with few nervures; this kind of
combination would contribute in making a room more complete.

The Elegance collection presents some difference with regard both to colors and shapes, respectively more
defined and modern, resulting in an urban atmosphere.

The practical and lasting porcelain stoneware tiles
represent a good choice for this kind of kitchen, especially if chromatically in contrast with the kitchen’s
colors. Such a combination could guarantee the aesthetic success of the kitchen.