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60 years of making kitchens built to last

Industrial technology, artisanal care

Industrial technology, artisanal care
Sturdy and reliable kitchens made with top-quality raw materials and cutting-edge production methods. Kitchens made to last over time. This way, your kitchen becomes an investment that provides value. This is the philosophy that has been inspiring Berloni for almost 60 years.
We use state-of-the-art technology in every stage to make our kitchen furniture, from selecting certified wood and materials to managing production cycles that ensure safe working conditions and a high-quality and safe end product.
We continuously monitor the entire production chain to ensure high healthiness, sturdiness, durability, and resistance.
We put all our artisanal care into every step of the process to make a Berloni kitchen.

Berloni kitchens: ISO-certified quality and safety
Berloni’s quality and production management systems comply with all the applicable industry regulations concerning specific product categories, thereby meeting the most stringent international standards.
ISO 9001, also known as Quality Management System, is an international standard that concerns the management of all corporate processes to ensure they are traceable and verifiable, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and trust. Berloni has obtained its ISO 9001 certification from DNV-GL, one of the most authoritative certification bodies. A further demonstration of the company’s compliance with all regulatory requirements. Berloni’s certified quality assurance system involves every corporate process that affects the quality of kitchen furniture and accessories:
- product design and development
- customer order management
- supplier selection, assessment, and monitoring
- production and maintenance
- verification of materials and finished products in incoming, production, and shipment stages
- documentation management
- customer service
- after-sales service

Berloni: creating harmony between humans and the environment
Our responsibility and attention towards the environment has led us to obtaining the ISO 14001 certification. Berloni was one of Italy’s first brands to make its modular kitchens using certified wood and panels with very low formaldehyde content (F****), which are also water-repellent P3 (V100) and compliant with the most stringent international environmental standards (FSC).
Formaldehyde is a substance contained in many adhesives and resins used for making wooden furniture panels.
Furniture produced this way can release gas molecules, which, in large concentrations, are highly toxic to humans. The F4 star system (F****) of Japan’s JIS standard is the strictest formaldehyde emission standard.
Our continuous commitment to the environment has led Berloni to obtaining the ISO 14001 certification. ISO 14001 is an international standard that sets out the requirements that an efficient and sustainable management system must meet to address environmental issues that have an impact on society, housing, and nature.
We have many projects in the pipeline and they are all looking into a sustainable future.

Berloni: Health and safety in the workplace
Every year, millions of workers are victims of accidents (even fatal ones) while at work. To address this serious issue, many companies have implemented a strict occupational health and safety management system.
Risk is often considered a negative element, but managing it in compliance with the OHSAS 18001 standard, which Berloni has recently adopted, makes it possible to improve the safety conditions in the workplace, and, as a result, performance.
Berloni has introduced procedures to improve health and reduce threats to its workers’ safety in the Pesaro plants.
In compliance with the standard, the project is articulated and involves the entire organisation in the promotion of a corporate philosophy that has always focused on individuals and their safety at work.
A further demonstration of the company’s awareness of the fundamental role of human resources in the company’s success.
The OHSAS 18001 certification was issued by DNV-GL, the international body that has also certified our Quality Management System (ISO 9001) and Environmental Management System (ISO 14001).
An acknowledgement that underlines Berloni’s sensitivity towards its employees, partners, and clients.

certificazione ISO 9001
certificazione ISO 14001
certificazione ISO 18001